If you are pregnant and you have concerns about your pregnancy, you don’t have to navigate your options alone. Adoption

At Adoption Partners of Maine, we understand that you may be confused and uncertain about your choices. We can answer your questions about adoption, and you will make the final decision on what is right for you. Adoption is only one of your choices, and may not be right for you and your baby! Our staff is committed to helping expectant women learn more about adoption while respecting that women are the experts on their own bodies and journeys.

Adoption Partners of Maine is staffed by local social workers and clinicians who can meet with you when you need us, quickly and in-person. We are here to connect with you and support you as you explore your options. You can reach us at 888-300-5683 or by email at support@adoptionpartnersofmaine.org.


If you choose to make an adoption plan…

• You can choose and meet the adoptive family

• You determine the amount of future contact that is comfortable for you

• Services are free, and we can help you with housing, medical, legal, and other expenses

• You will be provided with ongoing support and counseling throughout your journey

Explore our site to find more information on considering adoption and available support.

Sue Lobosco - Adoption Partners of Maine - birth parent counselorAdoption Partners of Maine is honored to partner with Sue Lobosco, LCSW, as our birth parent counselor.